Literature – both beautiful, popular and academic – accurately captures the spirit and character of modern European processes. Therefore, the AMBASSADOR OF NEW EUROPE award recognizes titles and authors whose work allows for a better understanding of contemporary Europe. During this year’s edition of EUROPE WITH A VIEW TO THE FUTURE, the best European books published in 2016 will receive an award.

The AMBASSADOR OF NEW EUROPE award is granted annually for the best publications in the Polish language. These books present European historical processes and modern experiences in an innovative manner, where they can be seen from the perspective of social relations and civic activities. The books touch upon culture, education, politics, and economics and must be published by a Polish publishing company.

The announcement of the laureate as well as the award ceremony will take place at the international forum of reflection, EUROPE WITH A VIEW TO THE FUTURE, under the patronage of the President of the European Council. This conference will consist of heroes, creators of change, intellectuals, NGO representatives, and journalists of all generations – each offering different perspectives from within their disciplines. All share a common concern for the future of the European Union and the initiative to work together diligently.