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The All About Freedom Festival comments on the contemporary challenges of freedom through film, theatre, music and debate; the series of public Gda ńsk Solidarity Lectures, where scholars and thinkers look for creative references to the heritage of the Solidarity movement; the international Solidarity Academy, which has been teaching civic responsibility since 2005; the local Youth Forum, which promotes civic attitudes; and the conference on Europe with a View to the Future , which gathers leading analysts, Eastern Studies experts, diplomats, lawmakers and journalists from all over Europe for a debate on Europe today and the challenges it faces—all these activities take place in the new building’s amphitheatre auditorium with 430 seats.

Every August 30, this is the venue for lectures on The Ethics of Solidarity, which extend the celebrations of August 1980 to add reflections by distinguished public figures from Poland and abroad, while people from all over the world (nearly 700 so far), who supported Poland in its struggle for freedom and democracy, receive the Medals of Gratitude.

— Poland owes a lot to Europe, but Europe also keeps receiving a spiritual and intellectual driving force from Poland, with guidelines and encouragement for innovative action — said French political journalist and philosopher Guy Sorman during a lecture delivered in the “Ethics of Solidarity” cycle (2013).