The other goal of ECS activity, the prospective one, is to hand down the heritage, ideas and notion of solidarity to future generations. We would like to confirm that solidarity – understood as the concern about the well being and common interest, and unity with respect for diversity – is still very relevant in modern society and worthy of all efforts of enhancement. Therefore, one of the most important areas of activity in this respect is education.

Children and young people are the most important users of the new ECS building. A creative workshop centre will be set up here, not only for local children and young people but also for school groups from all over Europe, both during the school year and on holidays. ECS organises workshops, seminars, lectures and debates for young people, their teachers and local leaders, from all over Europe. People of all ages are invited to such activities as Summer/Winter in the Shipyard (workshops for kids), With Youth and Solidarity (art workshops for secondary school pupils) and others. It will teach the core values of freedom, responsibility and democracy. This is a main task of the Educational Initiative Section in the Civic Culture Department.

The Fun Department, a state-of-the-art multimedia education space, is scheduled to open on December 2014. When children in Poland receive gifts. The Fun & Games Department is where children will get to play and learn under the watchful eye of educators, to develop their interest in contemporary history and learn solidarity by working together.