24-29th November 2017

SOLIDARITY HERE AND NOW is a project dedicated to volunteers engaged in supporting refugees. We all hear about refugees but not many of us know the every-day-heroes who make the refugees’ situation less hard. Many volunteers across the world decided to step right in the line of the conflict and open their hearts to help the newcomers acting merely on the value of solidarity and compassion. We have contacted them and found out what their needs are. This projects is an answer to what we were told. Refugees’ volunteers are coming to Gdańsk to have workshops and trainings here, which will be held on 24-28th November 2017 at the European Solidarity Centre. On 25th November at 12 p.m. in the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the European Solidarity Centre you can listen to the stories and experience brought by participants of the project (NOTE: the working language of the meeting is English. We can’t provide translation/language support). On 28th November refugees’ volunteers who speak Polish are meeting with participants of the Youth Forum (taking place in the ECS). What is more, Hania Hakiel, volunteers’ coordinator at the refugees’ center in Berlin, will present TED presentation entitled “Why am I supportive?”.

project organizers | Allianz Cultural Foundation, European Solidarity Centre